International Patent

Viupax™ packaging is protected by copyright and International Patents. Invention Patents: Greece – Granted PCT Application (International Phase) Search results from ISA(International Search Authority) found Viupax™ inventive and the written opinion is positive. Design Patents Europe … Continue reading International Patent

Advanced Features

Advanced features cost effective/consumes less material Viupax™ has unique features that no other shoe box in the market has. See detailed specs below: Viupax™ Men specs Viupax™ Ladies Specs Viupax™ Kids Specs More Sustainable/occupies less … Continue reading Advanced Features

Less material

Less material used 20-57% less material – more savings. Viupax™ uses less material compared to traditional shoe boxes. More details can be found on the following charts. Viupax™ Men             Viupax™ … Continue reading Less material

More Interactive

Interactivity Viupax™ with it’s unique feature of shoe visibility leave plenty of room for creativity and interactivity. The following example shows the use of LEDs, LDR and transistor to illuminate the shoes in the dark. … Continue reading More Interactive