Better User Experience

Better user experience

Viupax™ has been designed with users(consumers/sales persons) in mind. Shoe boxes are designed and constructed in a way that are not user friendly. Users are all those who interact with the shoes and the shoe boxes. Users can be the consumers, the sales persons and the warehouse personnel, while all users interact together. Response time is critical factor in consumer satisfaction.


Viupax™ has been designed so that user can Self Serve. It is common for consumers to get confused searching for shoe availability without a sales persons. The reason is that shoes are packed inside the same boxes, with same colors and the only way to see what’s inside is to read the sticker for the size and open the box for the content.

Viupax™ makes the identification process very easy, for both consumers and salespersons. Size, model and color can be seen at no time.

Fast double check size(cashier)

Viupax™ easy open-close mechanism speeds up the last check if both shoes are the same size on cashier. No need anymore to open the box, take out the tissue paper check one shoe at a time and get the shoes insode again.

With Viupax™ you just need to open the box, check the size and close it. (Some brands may need to adjust label placement with sizing to insole or to a visible place so they can benefit)

MOre boxes to carry

Viupax™ has been designed in a way to allow sales persons to carry more shoes to the customer. It is known that sales persons in order to increase sales supply the consumer with more similar models. It’s proved that increase sales. Fast Identification system and the smart hole placement help sales persons to provide customer with more similar shoe models, faster.

Carry up to 8 boxes
The smart hole placement make possible to sales person to carry upto 8 boxes without the visibility restrictions the current process have.

Load-Unload from cartons 8 boxes at a time
The smart hole placement allows faster carton load-unload time.


converted into a Bag

Viupax™ can be very easily converted into a hand carry bag with it’s smart and user friendly system.



 Ergonomic design

Viupax™ ergonomic design makes carrying the box pleasent.

shoulder bag

Viupax™ with the use of a belt can be easily converted into a shoulder bag.

It is the essence of genius to make use of the simplest ideas.Charles Peguy