Less material

Less material used

20-57% less material – more savings.

Viupax™ uses less material compared to traditional shoe boxes.

Viupax™ uses 0.25 sq. meters (EU 42).


efficient design

Fit 2 boxes in a single sheet of cardboard (70x100cm).

less waste

From the design phase, in order to minimize waste the boxes designed to be printed rotated at 180 degrees each other making possible to reduce further waste .

No Tissue paper

Viupax™ does not require to wrap the shoes with tissue paper. Shoes are locked to prevent rubbing.

Lock mechanism

Viupax™ uses a lock mechanism so shoes can be transported safe without rubbing and with no use of tissue paper.







less cost

It costs much less to produce as it uses much less material compared to traditional shoe boxes. The two sides remain uncovered to make product stand out.

Viupax™ for Athletic shoes (same box)

Viupax™ for Casual shoes (same box)


converted into a Bag

Viupax™ can be very easily converted into a hand carry bag with it’s smart system. This way it reduces further the costs by minimizing the need of paper bag.


 Ergonomic design

Viupax™ has ergonomic design. Hand carrying the bag is pleasent and User Friendly.


Optional additional protection against dust

For addtional protection from dust and particles, although not necessary if use traditional stacking(stacked like traditional boxes), a transparent plastic bag can be used with one or two openings and small holes in order to allow shoes breath. There are many sustainable options available like the Carbon-Negative plastic by NewLight Technologies named Aircarbon™, a material that is made from Carbon capture.


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